10 Weird Ways to stay Productive during Quarantine

Clearly, these are crazy times, and we all need to keep our wits to separate the facts from the jokes and straight-up misinformation. Nobody has all the answers, but as we try to figure out our way forward, it’s important that we stay productive where we can. Together, maybe we will even come out with a better understanding of who we are, how we work best, and what we’re all really working for. Keep your focus and try to moderate your social media use. But take a second while you’re at it and hug your kids, or your dogs, or your significant other. 

  1. Get dressed into something ridiculous for that upcoming video chat with the team. They will think you’ve totally lost it but more importantly you’ll get some good laughs which we all need right now.
  2. Share your To-Do list with the team while sneaking in something unexpected and fun like “#5: Draw a Toilet Paper Bandit.”
  3. Create a 60-minute playlist to keep you pumped. Your butt doesn’t leave the chair until that playlist is up and the prize is a solid 10-minute break with your fur-baby or significant other.
  4. Get competitive! Challenge your co-worker to a digital Tetris smackdown under a sweet alias.
  5. Take a nap. It’s actually good advice. Keep it to just one though yeah?
  6. Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable. Screen-capture that Tetris-off and submit it anonymously to the team Skype.
  7. Do a little dance! This one is important. Treat your body well if you intend to expect concentration and productivity from it. This means make a conscious effort to get that blood flowing.
  8. Do your work. Check something meaningful off your list every hour.
  9. For a moment, do absolutely nothing. This helps you to realign and recharge without distraction. Go outside and take a stroll with only the sound of your beating heart to guide you. Take notice of what is happening. Are you sorting things out? If so, what? Why? Remember that we’re all human, trying to get through this together.
  10. Fact is, you are home and you may have a house full. Why not get creative and devise a plan to include the little ones into your workspace? It’s not illegal unless you pay them!

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