Ditto Screen Mirroring + Digital Signage

Use Ditto for screen mirroring, digital signage or both. It’s up to you. That’s the beauty of Ditto.

Screen Mirror

Navigate to connect.goditto.com or use the Ditto Connect App and enter the Ditto room code. Screen mirror Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook and Android.

Mirroring Mode

Share your entire screen or share a specific application. Mirror one device to multiple displays or multiple devices to one display.

Digital Signage

Display stunning visuals or information to make use of displays when you’re not screen mirroring. Instantly screen mirror to any digital signage display when needed. Ditto digital signage is always ready to engage and inform your audience.

The Administrator Experience

Set up rooms, mass deploy, customize and more, all remotely for your entire organization. Rooms and receivers only need to be configured once. Users can connect an unlimited number of times without help from admins.

Set Up Rooms - Administrators Only

Ditto setup is managed via the Ditto Account Portal. Ditto screen mirroring and digital signage can be used in any room that has a compatible Ditto receiver. Deploy Ditto across your entire organization remotely, customize settings, manage signage schedules and much more.

What You Need

All you need is a Ditto subscription, a compatible receiver and a network connection. That's it. No cables, no dongles, no hassles. It really is that easy.

Valid Receiver

Place a Ditto receiver in the room.

Network Connection

A network connection is required. Don’t worry…Ditto can cross VLANs and work with proxies if needed.

Space to Share

Use Ditto anywhere in your organization. Begin sharing immediately or put digital signage on display.

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