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If you’re looking to replace the existing legacy broadcast network at your venue, choosing an experienced digital signage partner is essential. With over 50,000+ screens around the globe, Ping HD has the software and support you need to build a versatile digital signage network in any venue. 

  • Device Agnostic

EngagePHD™ was designed to play on any display or media player. In most cases migrating from your existing legacy broadcast network to Ping HD won’t require replacing physical displays. EngagePHD is compatible with: Android, AG Neovo, AOPEN, Apple iOS, Arrow, Bluefin, BrightSign, Chrome, Dynascan, IAdea, LG webOS, Mersive, Mimo Monitors, Panasonic, Phillips, Samsung Smart Signage Platform, Sharp, Simply NUC, and Sony.

  • Live Feeds (IPTV)

Ping HD provides unrivaled flexibility when it comes to managing IPTV networks. Regardless of the current or planned infrastructure in your venue, EngagePHD™ can exist in any environment that may include RF, IP based TV content or both. Once deployed, IPTV content can be scheduled or controlled by IR remote, Mobile Device, and many other third party control systems. 

  • Screen Management

 Manage any number of digital signage displays in your venue from one web-based dashboard. EngagePHD provides powerful player tools that allow you to manage every aspect of each player on your network. From player status to remote restarts, EngagePHD makes player management at scale a simple task. 

  • Point of Sale

POS integration makes managing your digital menu boards easy. Simplify your menu workflow by connecting your point of sale solution directly to your Ping HD digital signage. EngagePHD™ integrates seamlessly with third-party point of sale solutions. EngagePHD™ is compatible with Aloha, Appetize, Bypass Mobile, Campus Dish (Aramark), CBORD, Clover, NCR Quest, Par Brink, Oracle Simphony 1, Oracle Simphony 2, Oracle 9700 (Micros), Quickserve, Sola, Volante, Square, Omnivore, QU beyond, XML, JSON, and more.

  • Widgets

Our wide range of widgets make it easy to quickly build dynamic digital signage experiences. Add content from third party providers in no time with our full list of plug and play widgets. 

  • Advertising

Monetize the digital signage in your stadium or arena by offering advertising opportunities to your partners. Our advertising playlist toolset allows you to set up, manage, and report on the success of each campaign.

Seamless integration with third-party data

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